Imports by Commodity

CodeCommodity2012 Shipments, $ValueCharleston Region, % Growth, '07-'12US, % Growth, '07-'12
00All Commodities39,696,088,8208%16%
01Live Animals9,500n/a-16%
02Meat And Edible Meat Offal97,727n/a21%
03Fish, Crustaceans & Aquatic Invertebrates14,786,659-56%19%
04Dairy Prods; Birds Eggs; Honey; Ed Animal Pr Nesoi8,081,111159%20%
05Products Of Animal Origin, Nesoi2,430,35973%25%
06Live Trees, Plants, Bulbs Etc.; Cut Flowers Etc.11,196,67337%5%
07Edible Vegetables & Certain Roots & Tubers10,886,46115%41%
08Edible Fruit & Nuts; Citrus Fruit Or Melon Peel6,619,153-41%43%
09Coffee, Tea, Mate & Spices516,986,1401234%82%
11Milling Products; Malt; Starch; Inulin; Wht Gluten36,050,19454%67%
12Oil Seeds Etc.; Misc Grain, Seed, Fruit, Plant Etc7,662,06778%64%
13Lac; Gums, Resins & Other Vegetable Sap & Extract92,886,936403%535%
14Vegetable Plaiting Materials & Products Nesoi1,924,688-96%-28%
15Animal Or Vegetable Fats, Oils Etc. & Waxes24,775,525-32%77%
16Edible Preparations Of Meat, Fish, Crustaceans Etc19,952,728121%26%
17Sugars And Sugar Confectionary20,209,78145%79%
18Cocoa And Cocoa Preparations10,582,620-32%54%
19Prep Cereal, Flour, Starch Or Milk; Bakers Wares16,579,7441%39%
20Prep Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts Or Other Plant Parts56,868,2084%29%
21Miscellaneous Edible Preparations13,179,219-18%40%
22Beverages, Spirits And Vinegar181,667,809-39%17%
23Food Industry Residues & Waste; Prep Animal Feed27,545,0261257%149%
24Tobacco And Manufactured Tobacco Substitutes12,105,8096%28%
25Salt; Sulfur; Earth & Stone; Lime & Cement Plaster18,328,773-43%3%
26Ores, Slag And Ash5,018,325-26%24%
27Mineral Fuel, Oil Etc.; Bitumin Subst; Mineral Wax1,197,208,80342%16%
28Inorg Chem; Prec & Rare-earth Met & Radioact Compd517,501,01221%13%
29Organic Chemicals1,678,268,41452%18%
30Pharmaceutical Products3,152,570,524-10%31%
32Tanning & Dye Ext Etc; Dye, Paint, Putty Etc; Inks221,056,281-6%20%
33Essential Oils Etc; Perfumery, Cosmetic Etc Preps739,185,5986%27%
34Soap Etc; Waxes, Polish Etc; Candles; Dental Preps120,942,07613%26%
35Albuminoidal Subst; Modified Starch; Glue; Enzymes92,055,10742%37%
36Explosives; Pyrotechnics; Matches; Pyro Alloys Etc7,426,486-61%15%
37Photographic Or Cinematographic Goods222,335,80321%-21%
38Miscellaneous Chemical Products335,807,06558%29%
39Plastics And Articles Thereof1,056,260,39531%22%
40Rubber And Articles Thereof2,155,457,59982%53%
41Raw Hides And Skins (no Furskins) And Leather35,464,188105%-17%
42Leather Art; Saddlery Etc; Handbags Etc; Gut Art43,603,954-58%21%
43Furskins And Artificial Fur; Manufactures Thereof555,744266%7%
44Wood And Articles Of Wood; Wood Charcoal237,675,197-35%-31%
45Cork And Articles Of Cork1,717,4041286%-1%
46Mfr Of Straw, Esparto Etc.; Basketware & Wickerwrk39,044,761236%9%
47Wood Pulp Etc; Recovd (waste & Scrap) ppr & pprbd7,153,579-71%-10%
48Paper & Paperboard & Articles (inc Papr Pulp Artl)407,991,73418%-17%
49Printed Books, Newspapers Etc; Manuscripts Etc30,584,195-33%-20%
50Silk, Including Yarns And Woven Fabric Thereof388,000-91%-42%
51Wool & Animal Hair, Including Yarn & Woven Fabric25,720,201-11%-3%
52Cotton, Including Yarn And Woven Fabric Thereof226,029,013-10%-14%
53Veg Text Fib Nesoi; Veg Fib & Paper Yns & Wov Fab27,114,63660%-15%
54Manmade Filaments, Including Yarns & Woven Fabrics362,271,930-1%4%
55Manmade Staple Fibers, Incl Yarns & Woven Fabrics322,623,827-19%-1%
56Wadding, Felt Etc; Sp Yarn; Twine, Ropes Etc.137,077,0190%14%
57Carpets And Other Textile Floor Coverings105,037,092-49%-4%
58Spec Wov Fabrics; Tufted Fab; Lace; Tapestries Etc43,422,761-28%-7%
59Impregnated Etc Text Fabrics; Tex Art For Industry70,558,888-8%33%
60Knitted Or Crocheted Fabrics27,075,80915%10%
61Apparel Articles And Accessories, Knit Or Crochet1,031,179,581-29%8%
62Apparel Articles And Accessories, Not Knit Etc.1,153,565,07627%-2%
63Textile Art Nesoi; Needlecraft Sets; Worn Text Art876,075,13617%14%
64Footwear, Gaiters Etc. And Parts Thereof693,551,504137%23%
65Headgear And Parts Thereof19,609,310108%24%
66Umbrellas, Walking-sticks, Riding-crops Etc, Parts13,362,49833%24%
67Prep Feathers, Down Etc; Artif Flowers; H Hair Art2,279,622-47%27%
68Art Of Stone, Plaster, Cement, Asbestos, Mica Etc.115,230,691-8%-14%
69Ceramic Products80,707,224-31%-1%
70Glass And Glassware228,936,0841%2%
71Nat Etc Pearls, Prec Etc Stones, Pr Met Etc; Coin298,935,24954%35%
72Iron And Steel782,697,57810%13%
73Articles Of Iron Or Steel670,594,33833%19%
74Copper And Articles Thereof200,528,281-10%-22%
75Nickel And Articles Thereof46,297,210146%-36%
76Aluminum And Articles Thereof283,364,595-20%-14%
78Lead And Articles Thereof1,131,50140%18%
79Zinc And Articles Thereof21,630,25164%-41%
80Tin And Articles Thereof741,833-54%41%
81Base Metals Nesoi; Cermets; Articles Thereof87,170,29927%19%
82Tools, Cutlery Etc. Of Base Metal & Parts Thereof164,809,590-20%20%
83Miscellaneous Articles Of Base Metal322,013,58935%7%
84Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, Machinery Etc.; Parts7,898,337,23532%23%
85Electric Machinery Etc; Sound Equip; Tv Equip; Pts2,320,132,05832%17%
86Railway Or Tramway Stock Etc; Traffic Signal Equip30,857,0852%18%
87Vehicles, Except Railway Or Tramway, And Parts Etc3,736,770,719-51%12%
88Aircraft, Spacecraft, And Parts Thereof1,250,053,280604%11%
89Ships, Boats And Floating Structures12,874,198-12%-3%
90Optic, Photo Etc, Medic Or Surgical Instrments Etc1,081,278,84442%28%
91Clocks And Watches And Parts Thereof2,680,871-38%9%
92Musical Instruments; Parts And Accessories Thereof4,436,510-79%-9%
93Arms And Ammunition; Parts And Accessories Thereof123,267,03639%43%
94Furniture; Bedding Etc; Lamps Nesoi Etc; Prefab Bd758,235,765-8%8%
95Toys, Games & Sport Equipment; Parts & Accessories221,227,686-22%-13%
96Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles130,318,709-6%35%
97Works Of Art, Collectors' Pieces And Antiques7,059,354-83%-11%
98Special Classification Provisions, Nesoi222,493,42543%35%